PTEY is a short film comedy about castaways, corpses and carrots and this is its post-production and process blog.

Set at sea but filmed against greenscreen, we're filling in the backgrounds with visual effects.

I'm Adrian Hedgecock - director, producer & co-writer. Follow me on twitter @hedgecoco for notices & updates to this blog and other bits and bobs as and when...


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It may not look like much but the lack of any grey spaces on this doc means all the animation is done! Rendered, approved and ready to comp.

76 shots. Blue = Finalled, Orange = Comp work-in-progress, Yellow = awaiting comp, Grey = CG work-in-progress. Hoping for blue to take over pretty soon. Any day now. Really. Could be soon. Any day.

One of our inspirations!

(Taken with Instagram)


These guys are working on Pleased To Eat You quietly and continuously in the background. 

More early wave design development. 

Fudged/fixed and tracked - a 3D track from practically 2D reference.

We used the Viper Filmstream. For anyone who knows about cameras that should tell you how long ago we shot. For those same people - the uncompressed 4:4:4 image is still holding up well! 

Another wooden wave concept we didn’t go with.

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